Catering Services

The main goal of the catering  services  is to provide high quality meals services  to patients according to their  choices under the guidance of dieticians while catering supervisors ensure that food is safe to consume.

Catering Administration services in Sultan Qaboos Unviersity Hospital play a major role by supervising all the steps

from preparation of foods until the food has been serviced to in- patients. The services of the catering sections include:


  1. In patient meal services
  2. Staff  / Student cafeteria
  3. Out saucing catering for special occasions
  4. Ramadan special meal services
  5. Special catering services at the times clinical examinations
  6. Provide Meals for the Hospital special events.


The catering unit introduced many new services to ensure food is safe to consume including:

  • Introduction of color coding system in production, stores, delivery system etc.
  • Introduction of highly advanced meal delivery  trolleys system (Hot and cold supportive) to ensure food is delivered within the food safety requirements while our patients enjoy freshly prepared hot and cold dishes.
  • Patient is supplied with daily meals according to menus choice supported by a team of staff. Menu is modified and updated to ensure varieties of meals are provided at each contract period.
  • Continues monitoring of  whole catering operation by a qualified and dedicated  team with regard to hygiene and food safety  at each levels.