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Clinical Audit Workshop 2012


DTCPD conduct Clinical Audit Workshop for improving quality of healthcare services through self-assessment on annual basis by Dr. Ahmed Al Mandhari Hospital Director General. This workshop is developed in order to equip the participants with the following objectives:

  • To identify the meaning of clinical audit
  • To identify subjects for the clinical audit activity 
  • To develop objectives of a clinical audit
  • To identify whom and how to involve in clinical auditing activity
  • To define quality of care for audit purposes
  • To develop a protocol for clinical audit
  • To prepare for proper data collection in clinical audit
  • To understand how to analyze data collected
  • To understand how to analyze problems revealed by clinical audit and identify their root-causes

In order to ensure practical implementation of what is learned in this workshop, it is suggested that a refresher course be carried out six months following the workshop (April 2012). Previous experience with such arrangement has shown it success and was liked by all participants as I helped them to practice what is learned and also allowed them to share the results of their audits with other participants.

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Unscheduled In-House Courses for 2013:
  • Key Performance Indicator
  • Balanced Score Cards
  • Clinical Audit Workshop

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