About Us

The Training and Staff Development Dept (TSD) of SQUH was established in 1990 in a specific purpose of orienting new hospital employees. With the formation of the Training and Staff Development Committee by the Academic Council (AC/90/4/7), the Department was mandated to assume the additional responsibility of identifying learning needs of staff and designing programs for training and developing staff of all categories thus facilitating a high quality performance of Sultan Qaboos University Hospital (SQUH).
In 2006 the department became a Directorate with a wider scope of functions and responsibilities.
Over the years several programs have been developed to update the professional staff of SQUH. Training facilities have also been extended to professionals from other institutions in the Sultanate. In addition special efforts are taken to develop the Omani staff by offering in-house technical courses locally or abroad for their career and professional development.
Today the Training Directorate continues to identify the learning needs of the hospital staff in collaboration with the hospital departments, the Hospital Administration and the Hospital Training Committee. Consequent to the identified and justified needs, the Directorate develops and implements new programs in accordance with the requirement and new trends in health care delivery.
The overall purpose of the Training Directorates activities is to build and sustain a team of professionals capable of providing a high and sustainable standard of health care to patients as well as support medical students education and other allied health trainees.

Our Courses (Scheduled & Unscheduled In-house)

Scheduled In-house Training Program:

Keeping up with its mission to offers excellence in providing opportunities for training, professional development, continuing education, and in-house training for all Sultan Qaboos University Hospital staff, thereby promoting the delivery of highest quality patient/client care, the Directorate of Training & CPD organizes several programs to meet the needs of the institution. 

The programs are updated timely to enhance the skills of the staff for rendering quality care.   The life support programs offered maintains the requirements of AHA, while the others program are specific to the clinical areas and by utilizing the in-house clinical staff in the teaching, the programs aims to meet the clinical requirements at the hospital.   



Un-scheduled In-house Training Program:

These courses will be organized by the Training Directorate at SQUH after receiving an evaluation of all SQUH departments training needs. The course will be conducted according to the hospital requirements and the availability of sufficient budget, number of candidates and other resources. The requesting departments will need to supply the following to the TD: Aims of the training/ course program required Objectives. Detailed course information, including proposed date and time. Lecturer (CV), List of nominees. Any other requirements ie. Stationary, lecture hall, AV aids, meals. The TD will announce the program after receiving HTC and Top Management approval and financial commitment.

Forms :Registration Form SQUH-DT&CPD-FORM-USIDP-AFE-102B.doc

           Evaluation Form SQUH-DT&CPD-FORM-USIDP-SEEE-103D.doc

External Short-term Development Program & Scholarship

External Short-term Development Program:

These programs will be mentioned in the departmental annual training needs.TD will provide them when possible according to availability of resources and priority will be given to local institutions.

Scholarship: Undergraduate & Post Graduate:

TD will receive the initial circular from CSD ( SQU) announcing the scholarship nomination once a year according to SQU policies. TD will circulate information within SQUH. All applicants must collect the appropriate forms in TD in person and submit them typed with all the listed requirements before the announced deadline.


CSSD Program


The CSSD program started in 1995 at SQUH in order to fill a need for  sterilization  technicians. This work had been done previously by  the nurses and selected staff of high school graduates and diploma in Nursing from the University hospital .

At that time there was not more than four employees in the Central Sterilization Department at SQUH, Since then and  given the resources available at the time, for this program, and  considering the needs of the university hospital in this area and Omanization of the CSS Department. The decision of the Sultan Qaboos University to contribute to community service and to give opportunity to  high school graduates for employment/carrier development. The registration is opened to the candidates from all over the Sultanate of Oman. Omani cadres are trained and qualified to cover all hospitals and health centers in the Sultanate. Since that time the Directorate of Training and Continuing Professional Development record, wishing to study this specialization after applicants appear for the entrance exam, which was prepared in the circuit for this particular and then the personal interview, where the best twenty candidates are selected.

 An advertisement is placed annually in the local newspapers calling for applications for the 1 year and six weeks long CSSD Technician Certificate Course.A nominal fee is charged and it was all praise and gratitude for the grace of Allah, that so far a total of two hundred and twenty-nine(229) CSSD Technicians have graduated during the period of 1995 - 2012. Over the years, and due to increasing demand and keep pace with the expansion of health services in the Sultanate and through results positive that we received from the beneficiaries of this specialty, felt the University Hospital modify and develop this program to supplement the labor market with high qualification at diploma level.