We receive internal and external referrals. 
They are screened and triaged by ophthalmologists and appointments are given accordingly.
Inpatient referrals are usually dealt with the ward ophthalmologist.
Emergency cases are accepted immediately.
There are two pagers for the ease of contacting ophthalmologists during the working hours:

Adult ophthalmologist :309
Pediatric ophthalmologist :306.    


 Ophthalmology Adult Clinic

 Ophthalmology Pediatric Clinic
Sunday    Cornea external diseases and uveitis ,Cornea and Refractive clinic  Ophthalmology pediatric admission and Clinic 2
Monday  Oculoplasty ,Fluorescein angiography  OP/ROP clinic
Tuesday   Retina clinic ,Diabetic screening ,Visual electrodiagnostic clinic (ERG,VEP)  Clinic 1 and IP/ROP screening
Wednesday   Retina clinic, Diabetic screening ,Visual electrodiagnostic clinic (ERG,VEP)  Clinic 2
Thursday  Glaucoma clinic, Low vision clinic , Contact lens clinic +technical procedures Ocular Genetic Clinic (Second and Fourth thursday of the month)

How to reach us

Fax No.

Telephone No.


First floor, OPD building

Contact person
Receptionist Clerk
(For appointments and referral tracking )

Clinic Hours
  Registration of booked patients opens between 8:00 am -12:00 pm