Our Services

Diagnostic services:

These include routine diagnostic reports on surgical pathology and cytology specimens. Specialized and comprehensive reporting of tumors of all sites and types, renal, bone marrow, liver and skin biopsies meet the highest standards of reporting with availability of all specialized techniques. The Department is privileged to have the only Diagnostic Electron microscopy facility in the country which is invaluable in diagnosis of renal and skin diseases and as an adjunct in tumor diagnosis. Participation in urgent reporting on FNAC’s for the one-stop breast clinic and frozen section facility for intra-operative consultation enable real- time decision making for patient management. Second opinions are provided  on referred material from other government hospitals and healthcare centers around Oman.

Teaching and Research:


Faculty members and biomedical scientists are actively engaged in teaching  students of the following degree programmes/courses:

1- M. D : Phase I, II, III.

2- B. Sc MLS program

3- Histopathology residents of Oman Medical Specialty Board

4- Training of Omani BMS on request by the Directorate of Training SQUH.

5- Supervision  of  MD students research

6-Training in EM techniques



A brief listing of recent publications, ongoing research and presentations in International conferences are listd below:

a) Multidisciplinary meetings in Oncology (weekly), surgery, paediatrics and gynaecology (monthly) provide a platform for clinical decisions making and updation.

b) Breast Unit meeting (weekly) for management decisions of patients of breast cancer.

c) SCRAPS: clinico- pathological- radiological correlation.

d)Journal clubs: To enable discussions on contemporary professional knowledge.

e) Updates/ Workshops: For continues medical education of faculty and staff.

f) Undergraduate workshops: are activity organized to inculate a spirit of enquiry and extracurricular learning.