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Welcome to the Department of Pathology!

The Department is dedicated to the SQUH mission of teaching, research and patient care.This department provides state-of-art diagnostic facilities in surgical Pathology and Cytology to patients of SQUH. The diagnostic armamentarium includes specialized techniques of electron microscopy, immunohistochemistry, immunoflourescence, molecular techniques and thin prep cytology. A highly accomplished  faculty and biomedical scientists team render quality and timely reporting. The RCPA External Quality assurance program, internal audits, peer review and manuals of standard operating procedures ensure meeting the institutional quality assurance goals and standardized patient care. Increasing automation, updation and retraining of staff constitute the core for continued improvement.

The department is fully committed to supplementing the teaching goals of the COM&HS by ensuring laboratory orientations for all three phases of the MD curriculum, and the B. Sc MLS program. OMSB residents of the Histopathology, Haematology and Dermatology programs are trained all year round with hands-on experience and periodic Updates and the end of year examination is conducted in SQUH. The educational commitment  extends to requests from other institutions for practical training of biomedical scientists in the specialized techniques available at SQUH.

A spectrum of ongoing research projects are carried out with active clinical collaboration. The EM unit, in particular, readily assists research from other colleges within and outside SQU.

As the Pathology Department of a University Hospital, we are the national referral centre for renal biopsy reporting and specialized ancillary techniques of immunoflourescence, immunohistochemistry and electron microscopy.


Vission & Mission

The mission of the Department of Pathology of Sultan Qaboos University Hospital is to continuously serve the needs of the community by providing excellent diagnostic services, improving our professional standards as a medical educational institution, achieving a level of excellence superior to that of all our contemporaries in the Gulf area, and delivering the highest level of satisfaction to all our patients. We are dedicated to initiate and collaborate in research activities directed towards the improved understanding of disease and the clinical utility of laboratory tests in diagnosis.