Our Services

The following services are offered in the department:

Outpatient  services for high risk antenatal patients ( maternal high risk and fetal high risk) on referral basis, Two fetal anomaly clinics, Gestational diabetes clinic, Intrauterine growth restriction clinic,Subfertitlity clinic, urogynecology clinic with curodynamic services and all types of pessary care, Colposcopy clinic, Gynecology Oncology clinic and a well established recurrent miscarriages clinic .

The Clinic    Days of the clinic  
 Maternal High Risk   Sundays
 Fetal Medicine Clinic   Mondays & Tuesdays
 Gestational Diabetes Clinic
 Subfertitlity & Infertility Clinic
 Sundays, Tuesdays & Thursdays      
 Urogynecology Clinic
 Gynecology Oncology clinic 
 Recurrent Pregnancy Loss Clinic  Thursdays
 Colposcopy Clinic  Thursdays

Our expertise also includes various minimally invasive surgeries (hysteroscopy and laparoscopy) and labor ward suite with 10 rooms and central CTG monitoring.