The services offered are

Patient care

Patient care

The department offers treatment for all referred  and casuality patients 24 hours daily . SQUH is a tertiary care referral center in the country.Cases with different eye disorders can be managed in our department.We provide updated standard of care to patients.


The department is involved in the training and educating medical students along the lines of the Curriculum Committee of the College. The main objective is to allow the students to recognize, diagnose and manage common diseases of the eye and adnexa, with emphasis on the most frequent blinding diseases and preventable and curable diseases such as cataract, glaucoma, trachoma, diabetic retinopathy, trauma and congenital anomalies .

In the Preclerkship program , the department teaches and examines 12-14 students per session for 2 days a week ,9 weeks a year and at the end of program students are assessed by written examination.
In the Junior clerkship program ,students are divided into two groups , spending one   week in SQUH and one week in Al Nahda hospital. During the first half of their rotation ,they have teaching modules  and in the second half ,along with the clinical teaching they are simultaneously assessed by mini clinical examination. At the end of junior clerkship all the students undergo clinical and written examination.

Ophthalmology Residency Program
The ophthalmology Residency Training Program commenced in August 2009 under the umbrella of OMSB ,paving the way for a new era in speciality training in the country .The program aims to produce competent general ophthalmologists that will have knowledge,clinical and surgical skills ,awareness of medical ethics,professional values and attitudes and capability of conducting teaching and research activities.

The department conducts CMEs regularly with invited academic authorities for Ophthalmolgists,Optometrists,Ophthalmic technicians,Nurses in Oman.Certificates of attendance are in accordance with the Oman Medical Specialty Board Executive.

Clinical Services

Provides treatment for all eye diseases under various subspecialties, while also offering a complete range of services through specialized clinics.
The areas under the clinical services include:
  • Cornea and External diseases
  • Cataract
  • Uveitis
  • Oculoplasty
  • General ophthalmology 
  • Vitreoretina
  • Glaucoma
  • Neuro ophthalmology 
  • Paediatric Ophthalmology and Strabismus
  • Visual Electrodiagnostic  Unit (ERG ,VEP )
  • Ocular genetics
  • Contact Lens clinic and Low vision clinic

 Adult (Ward 4 Blue) 28
 Children ( Ward 1 purple )  4
Day Care  1 per week
 ERG clinic ( Ward 4 blue )  twice per week

 Doctors  21 (3 abroad scholarship)
 Ophthalmic technicians  9
 Optometrists  4
 Nurses  28
 Coordinators  2