Our Services

The Department of Clinical Biochemistry in SQUH provides a wide range of routine and specialised investigations.  Some of the specialised tests are unique and hence the Department offers a referral laboratory service for such investigations.  The service is provided to the SQUH on 24 hour basis.


The estimated number of tests performed in 2012 is 1,375,882 i.e. there has been a 3% increase in the workload compared to 2011.

The Clinical Biochemistry Department manages the Commercial Laboratory Services offered to some selected hospitals within the private sector e.g. Muscat Private Hospital.

 Point of Care Testing (POCT)

The Department manages maintenance and quality assurance of blood gas analysers in the Accident and Emergency Unit (A&E), Operating Theatres (OT), Intensive Care (ICU) and Neonatal (NNL) units.




Teaching of  medical students is  conducted by the clinical staff (professor and chemical pathologist) and teaching of MLS students is conducted by the Senior BMSs (Superintendent, Chief BMS and Senior BMS). The mode of instruction includes lectures, seminars and practical demonstration of methods, techniques and instrument operation.

 Pre-Analytical Phase

The Department has introduced regular sessions for the nurses to emphasize on the importance of the pre-analytical phase. These session are also included in the I.V. Therapy course for nurses during the induction program.

External Quality Assurance

The Department continues to participate in the ‘Royal College of Pathology of Australia’ External Quality Assurance program.