Clinical And Diagnostic Services

A total of 4056 anaesthetic procedures were carried out in 2008 compared to 3,373 in 2007 and 3200 in 2006. A total of 392 patients were admitted to ICU during the year. This is excluding the patients admitted to CCU, PICU and RDU. The bed occupancy in the ICU in 2008 was 99% compared to 88.8% in 2007 and 97%in 2006.

Training Services

The Department is actively involved in the teaching of training courses organised by the Training Directorate. These include the Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) provider course, ACLS recertification course, Basic Life support (BLS) provider course, BLS recertification course, AED (Accident & Emergency Dept) course and the Pain Management course.

New Services

Cardiothoracic Anaesthesia

Anaesthesia for Cardio thoracic surgery with post operative intensive care monitoring started its services and is providing its services full fledge. We are privileged to have an experienced team of cardiac anaesthetists to run this service in the best manner.

Pain management

Pain management is part of the departmental functions with acute and chronic pain management. Dr. Ali Al Abady, Pain Specialist is responsible for all pain issues. He is assisted by a Pain Nurse, Mr. Bader Al Mahrooqi

Pre Anaesthesia Clinic

We have now also opened the Pre Assessment Clinic(PAC) which functions on all weekdays. Anaesthetists are working in this department on rotation basis.


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