Clinical Program

The sixth year medical students carry out a compulsory two-week rotation in Anesthesia and ICU.  During this rotation the students participate in the departmental clinical activities. Students are given  “hands on” experience on both manikin as well as patients, under close supervision of a senior anesthetist.

Out of six lectures three are delivered by the students, one in the form of problem based. The emphasis of these lectures is on pre-anaesthetic evaluation, management of patients under anesthesia, postoperative pain relief, pharmacology of anesthetic drugs, acid base & electrolyte disorder and hypovolemic shock. A daily one-hour tutorial is held. The success of the tutorial mainly depends on the active participation of students and this accounts for the assessment. The tutorials are aimed at making the student understand the use of airway adjuncts, respiratory equipment, central venous and arterial cannulation, regional blocks and drugs used in anesthesia and cardiopulmonary resuscitation. Acid-base disorders and fluid management are discussed in detail. After the lecture the students are taken to ICU for case discussion lasting 30 minutes. The students spend an average of three to four hours daily in the operating room, witnessing and learning airway management, endotracheal intubation, intravenous cannulation and fluid management and monitoring of the anesthetized patient.

Postgraduate Training

SePost Graduate Programme - Oman Medical Specialty Board

A 4 year residency programme in Anaesthesia was started in September 2007 under the Oman Medical Specialty Board. Two residents were enrolled under this programme. An exit examination is planned at the end of 4 years, after the successful completion of which the residents would do a further year of specialised training. The Department is actively involved in developing the curriculum, accreditation and examination processes for this programme

Continuous Medical

Continuous Medical Education (CME) Activities

Every Saturday there is a CME session in the Department. Topics of recent interest in Anaesthesia and Intensive Care are included in these CME sessions. Residents are encouraged to attend. Doctors of the department actively participate by presenting interesting topics which prove beneficial to the staff. Members of our department are also part of the Oman Society of Anaesthesia and Critical Care (OSAAC) which is involved in regular CME activities and scientific sessions.