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Patient’s Rights

We want you to know our SQUH staff, are solely committed to providing you with excellent medical and nursing care. We believe that exceptional patient care is the foundation of establishing a partnership between the patient (and family) and the staff at SQUH. The following provides you with a list of your rights as a patient of SQUH.

A patient of SQUH can expect:

  1. To receive compassionate and respectful care in a culturally sensitive manner.
  2. To be treated equally.
  3. To be cared for by qualified, competent and caring staff.
  1. To be kept fully informed of, including interpretation of the diagnosis, care plan including treatment and expectations, possible significant complications or side effects and the necessary follow up required.
  1. To be given all necessary and relevant information to allow informed consent to be given for any proposed procedure or treatment.
  1. To be given the opportunity to comment and discuss the care and services they receive.
  1. To be given adequate explanation of the possible effect on the patient health if he/her refuses treatment.
  1. To be assured of privacy and confidentiality with regards to medical and social information, by all SQUH staff, including SQUH medical students. 
  1. To have the option to decline participation in any proposed research, or to withdraw from a research program at any stage. Such refusal or withdrawal will have no effect on delivery of care to the patient.
  1. To be discharged as recommended by the consultant with the appropriate medication, follow up appointment, and required instruction/education material for home care.
  1. To be provided with a copy of the discharge summary report.
  1. To be provided with a suitable method of transportation in the case of official transfer of patient to a  another hospital whenever necessary to safe guard the patient safety. 

Patients’ Responsibilities

The following provides you with a list of your responsibilities as a patient of SQUH.

1.        Leave all valuables at home and bring to the hospital only necessary items needed for the length of your stay.

2.        Keep scheduled appointments, arrive on time for appointment, and call ahead if you cannot make the appointment.

3.        Be aware that some patients require more medical care than you, due to their medical condition. Therefore priority may be given to them first, if necessary.

4.        Do your best to provide your physician with complete information about your health such as:

*  Present medical condition

*  Any previous illnesses

*  Any previous hospitalization

*  Medication, vitamins or any herbal medicines you are using

*  Other information that may be relevant to your health,  ie. family medical history

5.        You should notify your doctor or nurse of any changes in your condition.

6.        If it happens you do not understand what your doctor or any other member of your health care team tells you about your diagnosis or treatment, you should ask for further explanation.

7.        You should follow the advice and direction of the doctor or other members of your health care team. You will be solely responsible for any consequences that may arise due to rejection of treatment or non- compliance with instructions. In the event of you refusing treatment, you will be required to sign a form stating your decision.

8.        You must observe and follow all hospital rules and regulations:

*  Comply with the No Smoking Policy

*  Comply with the Visitor Policy to ensure the rights and comfort of all patients. Be considerate in the control of noise level.

*  You, your escort or visitors will be held responsible by the appropriate authorities for any damage done to medical equipment or other hospital property in the patient’s room due to carelessness or misuse. 

*  All hospital property shall remain in its place.

*  You and your visitors should follow any given Hospital Safety and Security instructions and directions for your own safety.

9.        If you wish to go for a walk, you must inform your nurse of your whereabouts for your safety, and return to your bed when required.

10.     You will be held responsible for any verbal insult or physical violation of hospital staff.  In such cases, you will be referred to security authorities and the appropriate action will be taken. 

11.     In the case of a patient under the age of 13, parents are advised not to remove the child from the premises of the hospital without consulting the treating doctor.  If you insist on taking the child you will be required to sign Leave Against Medical Advice (LAMA) form.  

In the event that you have any inquiry as a patient, our Patient Services Department will be ready to assist you.


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