Patient Services Directorate

 Patient Services Directorate is considered to be SQUH front destination for patients, attendants and visitors.  It has a direct connection with patients and their relatives to ensure their satisfaction with the provided services in accordance with the hospital guidelines. The directorate works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Our Role


  • Resolve any difficulties that visitors and patients may face.
  • Issuance of entrance passes.
  • Coordinate with other government sectors to help patients with concerned regulations and laws.
  • Coordinate with other departments to ensure a comfortable stay for patients in the hospital.
  • Provide patients education for in/out patients by presenting lectures, providing pamphlets and leaflets and media materials.
  • Provide psychology counseling and social services for patients.
  • Carry out procedures regarding delivery of dead patients to their families.
  • Stamping of medical / attendant certificates.
  • Airline reservation for Salalah patients and coordinate to receive patients who are booked for admission at SQUH at Muscat international airport.
  • Provide Medical Reports.  
  • Follow up on notes mentioned by duty administrators and notify concerned departments.
  • Translation services of Medical Reports and interpretation between patients and doctors when required.
  • Provide guidelines and answers to hospital visitors.
  • Coordinating and working with other departments to provide the best possible services to patients and visitors.