Verbal complaints are made at the first point of contact and if at all possible, every effort should be made to resolve the complaint at departmental level.

   Should a verbal complaint be unresolved at the first point of contact to the satisfaction of the complainant they may proceed to an informal resolution with the Patient Services Team or a delegate assigned by the Team and if they are still dissatisfied they may proceed to a written complaint.


All written complaints may be received by completing a complaints form. These complaints should be forwarded to the Complaints Section of the Patient Services Department who will acknowledge the complaint within 7 working days (of receipt of the Complaint by their office)

   Complaints will be dealt accordingly and a response issued within 14 working days to the person making the complaint.

  In the event of a complaint requiring action which will prevent a response being available within 14 working days, the person making the complaint will be kept fully informed of the status of the progress before the 14 working days has lapsed and every 14 working days thereafter.

   The Complaints Section will ensure that complaints are concluded within 6 months but where this is not possible; the complainant will be notified in writing. 

   The Patient Services Team is responsible for forwarding the complaint to the appropriate Head of Department, who will investigate and formulate a response. The Team will issue the response to the complainant with resolution and follow up if required.

. Receiving complaint

a.       Complaint boxes should be opened twice a week

b.      When complaint received should be logged in the complaint/compliment log.

c.       Receiving date and time should be documented in the complaint form

2.      Sending complaint/compliment

a.       A call to the complainant shall be done upon receiving the complaint.

b.      Complaint should be sent to the concern person/department within 24 hours from receiving time.

c.       Complaint should be given by hand and receiving party should sign.

3.      follow up

a.      For major complaint a follow up shall be done immediately.

b.      Other complaints will be followed up every 2 weeks. 

4.      Analysis closure of complaint

a.       root cause analysis

b.      Complaint considered closed when a preventative action is taken.

c.       Complaint not closed if there is no preventative action. 

d.       Closure date should be mentioned.

e.       An audit should be done to make sure that the closure is satisfactory

f.       Complainant shall be contacted and updated about the outcome.

5.      analysis of complaint

a)      Complaints will be analyzed every 6 months.

b)      Analysis outcomes will be given to the top management.