Clinical & Diagnostic

On the hospital side, the combination of a rich referral base at the clinic and an innovative service delivery model has created a strong trajectory of growth for the Department of Behavioural Medicine. The department is still the only one in the country providing for specialist tertiary referrals in a General Hospital. It has a multidisciplinary team approach designed to optimally treat patients, and train medical students. The department has a support staff of psychologists, nurses, social workers and other clinicians. The department takes care to provide culturally sensitive therapeutic interventions.

A wide range of assessments and treatments using various conceptual models including neuropsychiatry, psychotherapy and behaviour therapy are offered. It also offers comprehensive liaison psychiatry, behavioural medicine as well as psychosocial intervention under the umbrella of social work.

The department offers unique clinical and diagnostic services. The assessments provided by neuropsychology employs specialised testing procedures and a nomothetic framework that strives to integrate medical, neurological, and behavioural data with neuropsychological test findings to answer any of a number of referral questions. Referrals for our services typically consist of, but are not limited to, questions concerning (a) differential diagnoses between psychogenic and neurogenic syndromes (e.g. depression versus dementia), (b) delineation of spared and impaired cognitive functions secondary to central nervous system dysfunction, (c) establishment of behavioural baseline measures to monitor recovery or progression of central nervous system dysfunction (d) comparison of pre- and post-pharmacological, surgical, and behavioural interventions  (e) assessment of cognitive/behavioural functions for the formulation of rehabilitation, management strategies, and/or educational or employment placement and (f) evaluation of neurocognitive status for the purpose of disability, compensation, and liability determinations in forensic cases.

Weekly ward rounds are conducted by each clinical team to discuss our inpatients, with a multidisciplinary approach.

Continuing professional development and regular Grand Rounds every Saturday afternoon, help management of difficult cases.

Clinical Teams




Team 1

Prof. Ala' Aldin Al Hussaini Dr. Amre El Guenedi

Team 2

Dr. Ziad Zaidan Dr. Nonna Lilli Anne Viernes

Team 3

Dr. Rodger Martin Dr. Aziz Al Naamani

Team 4

Dr. Marwan Al Sharbati Dr. Ahmed Abdullatif

Team 5

Dr. Samir Al Adawi Dr Yousif Obeid

Child Psychiatry

Since 1999, a child psychiatry clinic is functioning under Dr. Marwan Al Sharbati who is now assisted by Dr. Ahmed.

This is the first and only child psychiatric clinic in the Sultanate, and has proved overwhelmingly popular. The clinic covers all psychological and psychiatric problems in childhood and adolescence. The clinic has also been a rich source of material for research on this virgin domain in this country.

Our studies show high prevalence of various mental disorders, especially ADHD among Omani children. The department feels that more time and resources need to be allocated for children with behavioral problems, bearing in mind the population structure with excess of youth. Therefore, we are seeking to further expand our child psychiatry facilities. Since children with problems are first likely to be seen by general practitioners, the Department also proposes to educate the doctors, as well as the general public, on the nature and extent of the problem. Already the Department is educating the public about childhood mental problems by giving workshops, seminars, TV and radio talks.