HOD Message

The Department of behavioural medicine of Sultan Qaboos University is both an academic and clinical department, responsible for teaching behavioural sciences to pre-clinical students and psychiatry to clinical students. The department’s style of work is pertinent to team work with emphasis on having good and open trustworthy relations between all members. Our vision for the future is that we need to have more human resource both in the clinical and preclinical to cope with the actual and projected increasing number of students,  to cope with the new curriculum requirements and to deal with increasing demand of the society, also to organize workshops and seminars for doctors, social workers and allied mental health professionals to ensure awareness of mental health and educate people on the human look to mental health.

With the help of my colleagues I would like to introduce new ways of teaching and also to teach our students and trainees to use more independent and self learning through using internet and other facilities. We also look forward to have other forms of management such as day hospital, outpatient electro-convulsive therapy, secure rooms for disturbed patients and when we have enough personnel we can have the expertise to conduct cognitive behavioural therapy, psycho therapy, rehabilitation and culturally sensitive intervention. We also work to promote and improve the sub specialties in psychiatry such as child, old age, alcohol and drug dependence, forensic liaison and community psychiatry.

The department implemented psychiatric residency program in conjunction with Oman Medical Specialty Board. The department with other clinical departments participated in running a course entitled, clinical communication skills, was instituted to the preclinical batch.
Our department is fully involved in local and international research collaborations as a result the department has published a number of papers on various aspects of behavioral medicine, psychiatry, psychology and allied field. In the departmental database, bulk of research has been amassed on topic such as how distress is experienced in Oman, psychological aspects of specific physical disorders, cognitive functions of schizophrenic patients, genetics of schizophrenia, obsessive compulsive disorders, deliberate self harm, alcohol problems, adjustment difficulties and developmental disorders among infant, children and adolescent.