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Vendor Registration Form

Note for vendor

The purpose of this questionnaire is to assist SQUH in deciding which suppliers to short-list to invite to tender for our hospital requirements.

In order to simplify this process, you need to provide supporting documents:

Copy of your registration with the Ministry Of Commerce
Copy of your commercial paper(computer paper),
Copy of your registration with the Chamber of Commerce,
Copy of your registration with the tender board,
Authority of Signature
Purchase orders from ministries, exp. Ministry of Health, Ministry of Defense  
Company profile (list of manpower from Ministry Of Manpower, achieved projects, accounts, certificates, statements or policies with this questionnaire. you also may ask to clarify your answers or provide more details.

Please answer every question. If the question does not apply to you please write N/A; if you don’t know the answer please write N/K.

Please return this form with an Introduction Letter to:

Director of Procurement

Sultan Qaboos University Hospital

P.O.Box 38 Al-Khoud

P.C. 123 Oman

Tel. +968-24 144680

Fax +968-24 413 156

Email: supplies@squ.edu.om

Please click here to upload the form ( Vendor Registration.doc)