Please read under-mentioned terms and conditions carefully which are to be considered as part of the contract and complementary to it and all shall comply with it. The Tenderer should sign these conditions and send them with the tender documents after stamping it with their official seal.

Sealed competitive quotations are invited for the items as per the attached list to be supplied to Sultan Qaboos University Hospital in accordance with the following terms and conditions.

1. Completed quotations shall be enclosed in a sealed cover super scribing the reference no. and deposited in the tender box at the University Hospital, Office of the Supplies Officer not later than Tenders received after the said date may not be considered.

2. Only the original tender forms issued by the University Hospital should be used for submitting the offer. However in case of insufficient space, additional sheets may be attached retaining the same column heading as the original tender form.

3. All the columns provided in the tender documents (i.e. manufacturer's name, country of origin, delivery period, model no. shelf life) should be filled-in. These columns should not be left blank. In the absence of any information, please write "NIL" or “Not Available" etc. as applicable.

4. Overwriting, erasing or using correction fluid are not allowed.

5. delivery period should always be mentioned in number of days. Please do not use "months", "weeks", etc.

6. Quoted prices shall be in Riyals Omani Only and are to include delivery (including unloading) to the designated place of delivery in the University Hospital.

7. The validity of the offer shall be 90 days from the closing date of submission of the tender.

8. The University Hospital has the right to increase or decrease the quantity of the item(s) by up to 30% at the same item price and conditions.

9. The University Hospital has the right to cancel any item(s) from the quotation or to cancel the whole tender. The University Hospital does not bind itself to accept the lowest price or any offer.

10. The offer shall include full details and specifications of the offered items.

11. All goods quoted for, shall be of a quality and standard that correspond strictly with the description and specification contained in the attached list. The specifications and measurements approved by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry shall also be adhered to.

12. The Tenderer shall deliver the item(s) awarded to him within the delivery period offered and indicated in the LPO. If the delivery is delayed, a penalty of 2% per week up to a maximum of 10% of the value of the incomplete delivery shall be charged and deducted from the invoice. Part of the week will be treated as full week for penalty purpose. However, if the delay is taking place due to force major conditions, i.e. beyond the Tenderer and/or supplier's control, the Supplier shall submit a request in writing for extension of the delivery period along with the complete documentary evidence to consider the question of penalty and the University Hospital has the right to accept or reject the request for the extension of delivery period. Any postponement of the specified delivery date will not be accepted unless previously agreed in writing by the University Hospital. If the Supplier fails to supply the item(s) within 12 weeks after the last date of the delivery period offered, the University Hospital has the right to cancel the item(s) or part above.

13. If the item(s) supplied fails to meet the specifications, the item(s) will be rejected and the Supplier must replace the same with new consignment if the University Hospital Wishes and in which case, the new date of delivery of the item(s) shall be agreed in writing otherwise, item(s) may be considered as deleted from the LPO.

14. The Supplier must remove from the place of delivery the rejected item(s) within two weeks from the date of the advice of rejection (dispatch date of the letter) .The item(s) shall be left on the Supplier's responsibility during the said period. If the Supplier fails to remove the said item(s) within the above mentioned period a penalty of 0.2% per day shall be charged and recovered from any of the Supplier's future invoices.

15. Tenders shall be checked for accuracy in computation and addition. In case there is an error in multiplication, the unit price or rate shall be considered as the correct entity and necessary amendments shall be made thereof.

16. Full details regarding packing, country of origin, period of delivery, mode of shipment (Air/Sea/Land) and storage conditions during shipment shall be mentioned in the offer.

17. All goods to be supplied as a part of this order must comply with the Israeli Boycott rules stipulated by the Royal Oman Police.

18. All patterns, drawings, designs or specifications provided to the tenderer are to remain the University Hospital property, shall be returned on demand and treated as confidential.

19. Samples or brochures/literatures against quoted items shall be submitted along with the tender otherwise the tender is likely to be rejected.



1. All consignment of pharmaceuticals products must be accompanied by:

a. The method of analysis. 

b. If the method of analysis specified that certain type of standards (authentic pure powder) are used during the Assay, then that standard is to be sent along with the consignment.

c. A Certificate showing that the product(s) is/are being used in the country of origin under same conditions (name, ingredients, potency etc.)

d. Analysis certificate issued by well known laboratory in the country of origin duly attested by the Ministry of Health or other concerned authorities.

2. The Tenderer shall submit samples to the Supplies Department of the Sultan Qaboos University Hospital p.s per the tender specifications and a label to be attached with each item showing the name of tenderer (agent) , their seal and Sr. No. of the item. A brief statement indicating in Part. A, Sr. No. of the item(s) (in the tender) against which- samples are being submitted, and in Part B, Sr. No. of the item(s) against which samples are not being submitted, should be annexed with the quotation. A literature (pack insert) covering full information and instructions concerning the offered ingredients in Arabic/ English shall also be submitted along with the samples.

All samples shall be submitted not later than 3 days after the date of the opening tender falling which offer(s) for the item(s) may not be considered.

3. The Tenderer must indicate shelf life of item(s) in the offer, otherwise it will not be considered. The goods to be supplied must be freshly manufactured. Shelf life shall not be less than 2/3rd of the total shelf life at the time of delivery to Sultan Qaboos University Hospital.

4. The following information must appear on individual item inner and outer packing and on cartons in English and preferably in Arabic as well; batch no., manufacturing date, expiry date, relevant storage conditions except for individual ampoules, strip packed tabs/capsules in which case batch no. and expiry date shall be imprinted. Stockers of any form are not permissible both on products and outer packing. "SQUH OMAN" shall also be imprinted on outside of the cartons as well as inside individual packing and labels.

5. All Pharmacopoeial preparations must comply with standards of latest editions of Internationally known Pharmacopoeias such as BP, BPC, USP, etc. and the sample submitted and accepted by the Sultan Qaboos University Hospital.

6. Biological item(s) of human origin must bear a certificate that is free from AIDS and HEPATITIS.

7. The maximum delivery period in your offer against tenders shall be 120 days unless mutually agreed upon in writing to deliver in lots exceeding above period due to short shelf life, shortage of stores space or other reasons.



1. The Medical Equipment shall comply with the International Safety Standards such as IEC 601, BS 5724 and DHSS Safety Codes or US Standards. The standard must be specified by the supplier.

2. Notwithstanding the specific nature of the Order the Supplier shall provide the latest marketed equipment of the model/range specified at no additional cost.

3. The delivery shall include all that is necessary to install, connect, test and commission the equipment.

4. Two sets of original manuals in English including operation, , instruction, service and maintenance manuals shall be included in the delivery.

5. Warning notices may be required affixed to some items of equipment and/or to the room where it is situated if e.g. high voltage, X-Rays or laser beams are utilized. Such labels and/or signs shall be included and be in English complete with Internationally recognized graphics and/or symbols.

6. Demonstration at delivery and familiarization training if staff shall be included.

7. Tenderer shall submit the tender with the price list of recommended spare parts and consumables with expectancy of use wherever applicable. However, this price shall not be included in the total price offered.

8. Installation, Testing

a. Unless otherwise agreed in writing by the University Hospital all such work under this heading shall only be carried out by experienced factory trained staff authorized by the manufacturer for such purposes.

b. Installation shall include all necessary connections to service outlets provided by the University Hospital at previously agreed locations.

c. Within 21 days of the date of the Order the Supplier shall notify the University Hospital in writing of any services and associated connections required including but not necessarily limited to water, power, gas vacuum, drainage, exhaust ventilation, etc. The University Hospital shall them inform the Supplier of the type and location of each service fitting to be provided.

d. All equipment requiring electric power supply shall be manufactured to operate efficiently on the University Hospital power supply of 240 volts/50 Hz +- 7%.

e. Testing and Commissioning shall include any necessary additional equipment, spares and consumables, etc. required to enable hand- over of the equipment in good working order to the University Hospital.

9. Training for staff shall be on-site familiarization unless other training locations are agreed.

10. Guarantee shall be of 12 months from date of acceptance or as agreed by sultan Qaboos University Hospital at no cost to the University Hospital and include all spare unless other conditions are agreed.

11. The Supplier must have adequate service facilities in Oman capable of repair and maintenance of the offered equipment.

Please sign, seal ad return to the supplies Department of Sultan Qaboos University Hospital as token of acceptance of the above tender conditions.




(Refer to SQUH Document Revision & Retention Policy)