Welcome to Paediatric Surgery Division

Paediatric  surgery division started at Sultan Qaboos University hospital in April 2009  . We strive to provide standard of care management of various neonatal and paediatric. Our unit deal with all neonatal anomalies, oncology, hematology ,general paediatric and urology patients. We actually applied minimal invasive surgery for all these patients if applicable.

The unit is the most unit doing   laparoscopic splenectomy in general surgery division and proud to have state of the art equipment needed for advanced minimal invasive procedures. In addition, we devote time for teaching activity of undergraduate medical students (Pre, Junior and Senior Clerkship), OMSB surgical residents, interns, senior house officers and registrars in paediatric surgery.  We are also involved in radiology,pathology and mortality morbidity monthly activities.  The unit also involved in foetal anomalies meeting along with obstetric and gynaecology department and neonatal unit .We are involved in conducting funded and non funded research activity in the department. The unit runs 2 days clinic (Saturday and Monday), 2 Major theatre days (Sunday and Tuesday) and 1 minor theatre day on Monday.

 Name Position  Publications  Email ID  Phone  Picture 
Dr. Zainab Al Balushi  
 Consultant & Head
 Publications zainab2@hotmail.com
 2414 4892  

Dr. (Prof.) Mahmoud Hatem

 Senior Consultant Publications   2414 3504  
Dr. Mohammed Toufique  
 Registrar   mdtoufique@yahoo.com 
 2414 3504  
Dr. Khalid Munir Bhatti
 Registrar   drkhalidmunirbhatti@yahoo.com 
2414 3504  
Dr.Sariyah  Mouaffaq Al Sibai    Registrar   sareyah26@hotmail.com
 2414 3504  
Dr. Yousuf Al Shaqsi  SHO   dr_alshaqsi@hotmail.com  344   


Paediatric Surgery Services