Welcome to Neurosurgery Division

The Division of Neurosurgery at SQUH was started in 2009 to provide state of the art neurosurgical care to patients. Apart from the primary function of providing efficient trauma care for brain and spine injured patients, the division also provides advanced surgical care for patients with congenital disorders, brain and spine tumours, aneurysms and vascular malformations and degenerative diseases of the spine.  The division is in the forefront of adopting microsurgical and minimally invasive techniques for most neurosurgical procedures. The division also has a full-fledged neuro-endoscopic service for the treatment of hydrocephalus and pituitary tumours.


Name Position Publications  Email ID  Phone Picture 
Dr. Unnikrishnan M  Senior Consultant & Head   Publications   mdrunni@squ.edu.om   2414 3483   
Dr, Rajeev Kariyattil   Senior Consultant  Publications  rajeevk@squ.edu.om   2414 3483  
Dr. G Venkatesh Senior Registrar  Publications  gvenkat@squ.edu.om  2414 4208  
Dr. Mahesh Pillai

Senior Registrar   Publications    2414 4208  
Dr. Koshy K Kochumen   Registrar  Publications  koshykk@squ.edu.om  2414 4208  
Dr. Ghusn Al Sideiri SHO (on study leave)  Publicatons      


 Neurosurgery Services