SQUH Urology division was one of the earliest sub-division of surgery at SQUH. We strive to provide standard of care management of various urological maladies. Our division has a history of being the regional and national leader in providing up to date minimally invasive surgical procedures like Bipolar (saline) trans-urethral resection of prostate and bladder tumours, laser prostatectomy, electro-vaporisation of prostate and retrograde intra renal surgery (RIRS) with laser lithotripsy. Penile prosthesis surgery and live related as well as cadaveric transplant surgery are also done here. We have state of the art equipment needed for advanced urological care. In addition, we devote time for teaching activity of undergraduate medical students (Pre, Junior and Senior Clerkship), OMSB surgical and OB&G residents, interns, senior house officers and registrars in Urology. We are involved in conducting funded and non funded research activity in the department. 


 Name  Position Publications  Email ID  Phone  Picture 

Dr. Krishna Prasad. V 

Senior Consultant & Head



2414 4376


Dr. Qasim Al Busaidi

Senior Consultant & Renal

Transplant Surgeon 



2414 1120 


Dr. Josephkunju Mathew 

 Senior Consultant Urologist



2414 4376 


Dr. Mohammed 

                     Al Marhoon 

Consultant Urologist



2414 4893


Dr. Khalid Rehman

Senior Registrar



2414 4512 


Dr. Shahid Aquil

Senior Registrar



2414 4581


Dr. Omar W Shareef






Dr. Ghalib Al Badaii 

Registrar (on study leave)





Dr. Intisar Abdullah 

                         Al Hashmi   







Dr. Rakesh Rajmohan

Registrar   Publications      

Dr. Najib Abu Draz

Surgery Registrar (on rotation)





Mr Hussein Al Senaidi

Urology Specalist Nurse




Ms. Philomina

Urology OR nurse