ENT Services

We are providing a state of art services to our patients through outpatient, in-patient, day care and emergency services. Our team is involved in teaching of undergraduate and postgraduate (OMSB) students and conducting research projects. 

Outpatient Services: Through prior appointment patients are examined and investigated four days a week in Outpatient department from 8 am to 1 pm. We have five rooms equipped with ENT units, rigid and flexible scopes. 

Inpatient Services: Patients booked for routine surgeries after investigations are admitted in 4 blue (adults) and 1 Blue ward (paediatric cases). We have three major operation days a week (Sunday, Monday and Thursday).

Emergency Services: We are fully equipped to provide emergencies services which include Tracheostomy, Removal of foreign body from upper aerodigestive tract, laryngo-tracheal trauma, mastoidectomy, control of epistaxis, management of CSF leak, repositioning fracture nasal bone.   

Speech and hearing Services:  We have a speech unit currently attached with Physiotherapy division and  Hearing unit attached with Clinical physiology. They provide services to our patient which includes speech therapy , audio-tympanomtry , oto-acoustic emissions and BERA. 

Special Clinics: On Wednesdays in addition to our routine OPD, we have special Head and Neck clinic to evaluate and follow up difficult cases.