Teaching Programs

Undergraduate Teaching

Phase II: Involves the hospital staff indifferent tutorials and seminars before the students start in the hospital side.

Phase III:

  Pre clerkship Rotation: the students rotate on a weekly basis for 9 weeks. They learn the basic history taking and physical examination skills in Obstetrics and Gynecology.

 Senior Clerkship Rotation:

 This rotation is one of the longest rotation longest rotation in the curriculum where the students spend 8 weeks.They get exposed to a dense clinical experience at SQUH and in collaboration with two major obstetric and Gynecology units in the country (Royal hospital and Khoula hospital) .The rotation is structured to help the students acquire skills they need for their future functions as doctors. The rotation objectives were formulated to fulfill as aspects of future doctors needs in lines of medical expertise,professionalism, patients’ advocacy, management and communication and to foster the attitude of a life long learner. The different assessments in the rotation and at the end of the senior clerkship year are structured in a way to test for clinical reasoning, decision making, management in addition to attitude and communication skills.That is to ensure students have developed in all those aspects of a future doctor.and that the rotation objectives have been achieved.

  Pre internship Rotation:

In this rotation the students are expected to spend 3 weeks of intensive dynamic obstetrics and gynecologic exposure and get their function level more closer to that of a new graduate as they are approaching their final MD examination to conclude their undergraduate experience.

 Post-Graduate Training:

As SQU is an essential partner of OMSB in providing structured training opportunities for postgraduate, our department takes its responsibilities in fulfilling that role. The residents in OBGYN program rotate at our site at different levels throughout their 6 years training program.