Enzyme histochemical studies are the gold standard of diagnosis in muscle diseases.

Fresh Muscle Biopsy is required to perform the tests



The Aims of the studies:


To find out the distribution and changes in muscle fibers.

It help in differentiating between primary myopathy and neurogenic atrophy.

To rule out Mitochondrial related diseases.

Types of Staining

Types of Staining:

1- ATPase present in muscle tissue hydrolyzes the substrate forming ADP and phoshate group. Exposing the tissue to cobalt chloride and present on the enzyme activity site and colored by ammonium sulfide with black.




Fig1. ATPase enzyme activity study


2- NADH and SDH

Dehydrogenase enzyme act on the substrate to release hydrogen the reduces tetrazolium salt on activity site showing blue color


Fig2. SDH enzyme activity study