Knowning human body to a cellular level directed our minds to know our body and to build a curius attitude to know more. Cytology is a branch of science that aims to study and diagnose diseases at a cellular level. This is done by detecting and diagnosing precancerous cellular changes, different types of cancer and various infections.

Our services include every day diagnostic work in two fields: Gynecological and non-Gynecolgical cytology serving Sultan Qaboos University Hospital Patients. This is done in a manner to acheive best service that would help and improve work quality. In addition to service, cytology section under the Anatomical Pathology Department, helps to accomplish Hospital mission in teaching and training of biomedical scientists as well as medical students.


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A cytotechnologists work independently to screen slides if they are professionally cerified. Cytoltechnology is a laboriuos job where Cytotechnologist may spend up to seven hours a day working at the microscope. Cytotechnologists must be accurate, patient, be able to make a dicision  and have strong analytical and problem solving skills to rise to the challenge of making critical diagnoses.

Cytotechnologists have contact with the clinicians and ususally develop a good repo with them.





Dr. Suad Al Jahdhami Usha Rani Bai. A cytotechnologist Najat Al-Dairi. A cytotechnologist

Amna Al-Shukaili, CT (ASCP)CM


Maryam Al Subhi, A Cytotechnologist