Training in SQUH Pharmacy

The pharmacy department is recognized nationally and regionally as a training center that supports a range of quality training programs.

Training has been provided for students from local as well as International pharmacy colleges. Individualized work placements for pharmacists and assistant pharmacists are also organized based on the needs of the respective institutions.  

The training section in the department coordinates training activities delivered to and by pharmacists in the department such as the weekly Continuing Professional Development sessions and different lectures/ courses provided for the hospital staff such as doctors, nurses and other health care providers.

The Training section organizes, with the support of the Training Directorate, a range of courses delivered by internationally recognized instructors. Such courses are based on the Annual Training Needs Analysis the section does on annual basis. Pharmacists from SQUH and other hospitals join these courses. Examples are Basic Skills in Medicine Information, Critical Appraisal, Basic skills in Laboratory Test Interpretation and Clinical Pharmacy and Nephrology.