Mission and Vision 

 -To provide high quality of rehabilitation services by specialized physiotherapists, occupational therapists and speech therapists, research and continuing education.

- To have a school of physiotherapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy and thereafter, postgraduate studies (specialization courses).

Mission Statement


   The Department of Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation strives to improve the quality of health care by :-

- Providing holistic and evidence based physiotherapy on a daily basis to patients in the university, other hospitals and the community as a whole.

- Utilizing available resources and manpower, to improve the patients’ condition or quality of life.

- Encouraging on-going continuing education through research, education and upgrading skills.

- Emphasizing more of manual and exercise therapy than electrotherapy minimizing the risk of all related electrical hazards.

- Maintaining team work between physiotherapists and other health care providers in improving the high quality of services to patients.


            1-News letter since 2003-two issues every year

            2-physiotherapy and rehabilitation symposium 2002

            3-1st international physiotherapy and Rehabiliation conference 2004

            4- physiotherapy educational week since 2010 under the following titles:

                • Women's Health
                • Sport management
                • Lets understand the Stroke
                • Our kids our Wealth