Mission & Vision


The Sultan Qaboos University Hospital Surgery department is dedicated to leadership and excellence in education, patient care, research and community service.


The Sultan Qaboos University Hospital Surgery Department will become one of the best departments in the nation by:

  • Commitment to undergraduate student, resident and continuing medical education
  • Excellence in patient care with multidisciplinary programs
  • Professionalism  in relationships with colleagues, nurses, students, residents and staff
  • Innovative basic and clinical research
  • Creativity, teamwork and pride in dedication to mission and achievement of vision

Key Performance Indicators (KPI) followed in the Department of Surgery

Division  KPI Facilitator for the Division
 General Surgery Post operative pain management in Surgical wards Dr. Sreedharan & Dr. Mooyad 
 ENT Post adeno-tonsilectomy bleeding rate Dr. Sudhesh Kumar
 Urology Blood transfusion rate for TURP Dr. Omar W Shareef
 Cardio-thoracic Surgery  Incidence of AF in post operative cardiac surgery patients
Rate of blood transfusion in cardiac surgery unit
Dr. Mohammed Salman
 Paediatric Surgery Post operative wound infection rate in neonates Dr. Mohammed E Toufique
 Neurosurgery Post operative wound infection rate following neurosugical procedures  Dr. Venkitesh 
 Orthopaedics Surgical cancellation rates for elective and emergency cases Dr. Ahmed Yaseen